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  Westelcom DSL offers your business always on high-speed access to the Internet.  We have a variety of plans so you have the option to pay for the speeds you need.    Westelcom high speed point-to-point devoted connection with guaranteed bandwidth may be the best way for your medium to large sized business to get the speed it needs.  


  • Always on (24/7)

  • Cost Effective (you pay for only the bandwidth you need)

  • Flexible (you can always change your speed later)

  • Security (DSL is a dedicated line - you're not sharing a line with others)



  • Always on (24/7)

  • Travel Less (depending on your needs, videoconferencing is a great way to hold a meeting and trainings so you can avoid the cost of travel)

  • Security (Devoted line which is not shared)

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Westelcom can design, install and maintain a variety of network operating environments. With our comprehensive consulting philosophy we can integrate them seamlessly with corporate extranet, Intranet and Internet sites. Our experienced network administrators can build a network around several robust and secure network operating systems.


Westelcom offers multi-tiered Virtual Private Networking and Firewall solutions both hardware and software driven to secure your information and your company.


If you have any inquiries please e-mail us at sales@westelcom.com or call us Toll Free at 1.866.ItClicks (1.866.482.5425)